Fall is near!

When I first started blogging, I had this idea in my head that every post had to have a dish, dessert.. recipe.. but its grown to be so much more than that to me. Not only do I love to cook but I love to share my experiences with others while cooking.  It may be my wonderful neighbors over for an impromptu bbq, or the kids asking for a certain delight.. regardless.. cooking makes me happy :)

It has been 20+ years since I canned my first veggie, which was actually a salsa.. this year I have canned over 10 dozen jars and experimented with some crazy flavors! All of which are versatile – they can be dessert sauces, used with brie,   on your favorite croissant or bagel.. or glaze for your favorite bbq!  Speaking of which.. we have big plans for the bbq sauce, it is a bit thick and concentrated.. you can add so much to it to satisfy everyone in your family.. honey, mustard, vinegar, ketchup.. love it!  I’ll be posting even more recipes I’ve experimented with as well as the jelly/jam/glaze/sauce.

Looking for the “hard to find” gift? I’ll put together a package for you! Complete with your own labels. Coming soon :) Need it before I post? Give me a shout – tamra@whipsandcheese.com . Also available for parties / catering !

Tamra <3