Quinoa and Roasted Veggies

Sometimes.. it is the simple ingredients that make the best meals.. I guess that is depending on the mood you are in.  I had just started making Quinoa.. and feel in love! There is no big recipe here it is simply a mix of my favorite veggies (all veggies!) or those that roast well.. cauliflower, sweet red pepper, fresh corn off the cob, broccoli, tossed with a little olive oil, and roasted in the oven on 350 till tender.. stir often..

The Quinoa is made as instructed on the box.. I tossed this with a little fresh ground pepper and Parmesan cheese.. and finally grabbed some fresh spinach and pre cut carrots I found in the fridge, tossed them in a hot pan with about 1 t. of olive oil (does not take much!) and made a slightly “wilted” salad.

Mmm.. I love my veggies, in all forms :)  This is quick, easy, and versatile – Don’t let those veggies go bad in the fridge, toss them together and roast them!

Enjoy! Tamra <3


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