Fruit, Chocolate & Bacon Belgian Waffles

lol.. I have to giggle at myself.. because there really is nothing THAT special about this, except that I was so excited I got a new Belgian waffle maker!!! And how exciting is it, to be able to make 4 different kinds of waffles, with ONE BIG WAFFLE! This would definitely feed 2.. Any waffle recipe will work, but I used a basic one that I found on Here

I put chocolate chips on 1/4 of the waffle, then blueberries, then bacon, yes BACON in the waffle! And for strawberries section i added them after (not a fan of strawberries cooked into waffles/pancakes, but you might be!) garnished with a lil whipped cream, because, c’mon.. you have to have whipped cream with waffles ..right?… oh.. wait.. is that only at I-Hop? :) Enjoy your waffles!

ps.. you can use this as a panini press or to cook hash browns, experiment with it!

Tamra <3


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