I had so much fun with this recipe, could it have been that there was good friends and a few drinks involved? Or that there is bacon in this!!! Oh probably both.. regardless, it was fun to make and turned out delicious! I will be packaging this for sale soon :)

After searching for about an hour, I simply cannot find my recipe, though most caramel corn recipes are the same – I did come across this one – Caramel Corn and it is nearly the same, actually is just the same, different source.  I would re-post but it does have a bit of detail…. so please start with the above recipe.  It is very important.. I cannot stress enough.. to stir this constantly.. you will feel like a candy maker by the time you are done, but so well worth it!  When cooling/stirring add in whatever your guilty pleasures are ;)  We used bacon, and yes, the whole pound of bacon (minus a few pieces that the guys couldn’t keep their hands off of!) about a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips and a cup of mixed nuts.. delish!

Enjoy! Tamra<3


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