Chocolate Cherry Cobbler

While browsing pinterest I came across this wonderful recipe by Karen at Where Flours Bloom . Her recipe does not call for cherries, but who does not love cherries and chocolate together .. right??? I followed her recipe exactly but added a can of cherry pie filling between the bottom and top layer – 40 minutes in the oven wasn’t quite long enough but it still came out warm and delicious! The only thing missing was the ice cream or whipped cream! Thanks Karen!

Recipe here: Chocolate Cobbler


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Cherry Cobbler

  1. You’re a GENIUS!!! You were really thinking about the good stuff together. My daughter loves cherries and chocolate, but never thought about adding it to the Chocolate Cobbler. Thank you so much for this great new recipe. You have a wonderful blog and I will be trying some of your recipes. ;)

    • Thanks Karen! I’m still finding my way through the blog world… more than anything its just fun for me and exciting to have my little space! I enjoy your blog as well and love the name!! Looking forward to sharing more recipes together.. and every bit of that cobbler was eaten.. I think maybe a half cup less water OR baking a little longer.. however, throwing that vanilla ice cream on it made all the difference ! Thanks again :) Tamra

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