“Deconstructed” Sushi (without Nori)

I know I know.. first look and you think… that is NOT sushi.. and you are partly right. However, while I love “real” sushi, I’m not a fan of Nori (the seaweed wraps around it) . And  hey call me redneck, but I kinda like those little bites of rice with imitation crab from your local Chinese restaurant every now and then.  The single most important part of this recipe is making sure you use REAL SUSHI RICE – about 3-4 cups, cooked and cooled. Mix 2 T. of rice vinegar and 2 T. of sugar on low heat – Mix this into your sushi rice to taste.. Mmm mmm.. love love love sticky sushi rice!!

So what I did was mix  4 oz cream cheese, 1/3 cup of imitation crab (use more or less), about 1/4 C of diced carrots (very thin) and 1/4 C of diced cucumber. Place this in the fridge while you prepare your cucumbers.  If you notice I hollowed out one, and made a little cucumber “cup”.  Right before use I added the avocados so they would not get mushy and turn my mixture green.

With half my mixture I combined it with sushi rice and used this as the filling for the cucumber, then slicing it in approximately 1/4 in pieces.  For the cucumber cup I filled it with sushi rice, topped it with the mixture and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Sushi balls!! This was quite an experiment, it ended up just just grabbing a little rice, a little sushi mixture and (making sure hands are wet) rolling it into a ball and then in sesame seeds!

Serve with soy sauce and wasabi (and those wasabi peas if you dare!! Boy those are HOT)

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